You Can Try These Simple Things to Speed Up Your Internet Performance
Written by Barbara Williams
Jun 5, 2019

If you are like many other modern internet users, internet speed can be the most critical aspect of your internet life. No one wants to get in traffic congestion when they are downloading or uploading something. Many internet service providers offer fast internet connections to you, and you pick one of them. But in reality, you can’t get the top speed as they promised. If you think that your current internet is too slow, it is time to improve it. Here are a few simple things you can try to speed up your internet performance.


Faster Internet Speeds Incoming!

Restarting does work


Have you ever tried to restart your Router?

It is a simple tip which all users can do to their Router. You can do it by either pushing the button you can find on the back of the unit, or manually unplug and plug it back in.

Turn off your Router for a minute or two, and turn it on again. When you do, it flushes out a bunch of memories that affect your internet speed. It often works.

Plug in your cable


The wireless internet can get overwhelmed if you have multiple devices connected at the same time. When you need your internet in its prime condition, don’t hesitate to use an ethernet cable. Make sure to switch to an ethernet cable for optimal performance. Ethernet can give you maximum speeds. If the internet connection is very crucial for your work life, you need to set up the cable connection so you can reach it anytime you need.

Wifi is a cool thing. You can use your internet wherever you are at home. But there’s a downside. With many barriers like walls, distance, etc., you can’t always get the most out of it. Plug into your modem. You will get the maximum internet speed without barriers.

Move away appliances with electromagnetic interference.

electromagnetic interference

You might notice some appliances located nearby your Router or modem. You need to check if these come with electromagnetic interference. Try to move your Smart TV away from the router space and see what happens.

Try your friend’s Router.


One of the most significant causes of slow internet is an old router. Before blaming it to your internet service provider, you might want to try another Router. Chances are your friends have similar internet services like yours, but they use different Router. If possible, borrow their Router for a few minutes and try it at your home. You need to make sure whether your Router is okay or not. The router is just like other electronic devices. You may need to replace it someday.



Use a VPN and you will see the benefits instantly. Some ISPs could lower your internet speeds because they see the websites you visit and services you use. They’d like to reduce your internet speeds after knowing that you use the internet for streaming services like Sling TV, Netflix, or something else. These services take a lot of bandwidth. In most cases, clients are oblivious about the throttling from their internet service providers.

If you think that you are dealing with the ISP throttling, you could bypass it by using a VPN. With the VPN, your ISP does not know where the traffic comes from. The VPN will redirect your traffic so that ISP can’t identify the websites you are visiting. That means when you use the VPN, you can proceed without being throttled. You can also find a VPN-ready Router on the market.

Check your device’s security system.


If you notice that your smartphone has better internet speed than your PC, then you must consider checking your PC security system. Is your antivirus updated? Viruses can slow down your speeds. Turn the automatic update of your antivirus and run a scan routinely. It should be benefiting your PC.

Have you changed to fiber optic internet plan?

fiber optic cables

The current internet services use the phone line. Nowadays, many providers have left this traditional way. They’ve switched to fiber optic line which can deliver much faster internet speed. If your current ISP does not provide you with that, you might need to change to another company.

Update your router firmware


When was the last time you checked on your Routers firmware? Updating your router firmware can make a huge difference. Consider following the Router’s manual to update it. If you can’t find the manual, you can surely find one online.

Your Routers best settings


Your current Router might be in the default setting, which is probably not the best option for improving your connection. You need to update the environment based on your device, internet plan, and so on. Reach out the ISP’s customer support to help you find the best solution.

Your cables


Did you know that the length of the cables can affect the speeds? If you have been using cables for years, you might need to replace them with newer ones.

Browser security

avg logo

Your internet browser is the gateway for viruses, malware, or spyware from someone irresponsible. So, it is essential to pay attention to your browser safety and security. First things first, you will want to update your browser to the latest version. Then you could install internet security software like AVG or BitDefender. Furthermore, you could use the help from adblock. Ads are consuming your bandwidth. When you are loading your ads, the slow connection could happen. Most recent third-party advertisements can intervene in the web page loading. Use the Adblock extension in your Chrome so that these ads won’t bother you again.

Your 2.4GHz Band might not be viable anymore.


In the last five years, most of the ISP’s “facilitate” their clients with a Router that has the capability of 2.4GHz. The router companies, on the other hand, had realized that there were problems with 2.4GHz. It only provides 11 channels. So, they worked around the issue and offered a Router with 5GHz band capability that has 23 channels. Routers with dual-band connections allow you to access 5GHz, which means a faster internet speed. Reach out to your ISP to find the best Router with 5GHz Band.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Enjoy!

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