Apps that Can Make You a Relevant Entrepreneur in 2019
Written by Barbara Williams
Jun 5, 2019

Not all people that are blessed with talents can be an entrepreneur. And if you are an entrepreneur, it is such a collective experience in your life. Being an entrepreneur has its challenges. You will need to handle the things that you’ve never learned in your college. Many different tasks might be still new for you. Not to mention that you need to be able to organize your crusade and manage your time. There are many things to work around, and you may not be able to give 100% of your attention without the help of these apps.

Best Entrepreneur Apps of 2019



Gone are the days when you were carrying tons of books when traveling and ended up paying extra for your baggage. Now is the era of digitalization. You can read your favorite book conveniently from your smartphone. But how can you amp the game up? Audible actualizes the text of the books into audio form. You can now listen to a book while on the go.



How much time do you waste daily? If you have no idea, you will want RescueTime to help you. You could install this app on your mobile device and desktop to know how much time you’ve wasted on social media. After using this, you will be encouraged to manage your time wisely.



It is an app which comes with guided-meditations properties presented in fun 2D arts which will help you to clear your head. You could take any time you need for meditation. It could even be as short as 5 minutes, and it will work. The best part of it, you can do your meditation anywhere, anytime you want as long as you bring Headspace in your smartphone.



You may be able to spot the grammar mistakes or errors but have no time to correct them all. Use Grammarly to help you to fix the type with only tapping from your mobile phone. With this, you will never send an email with the error again. You can get it for free, but upgrading to a premium one can grant you more fantastic results.



Evernote is not an ordinary e-note. Besides jotting down your ideas, you can also use this app for capturing photos, recording voice reminders, creating to-do lists, as well as synchronizing files. You can also track your tasks progress efficiently without reaching your PC or laptop.



Dropbox has been around for a while. The updated app can share the photos, documents, and other kinds of files from and to your mobile device and desktop. It is free to use. The cloud-based storage service like this can help you share the data with your team without having to correspond it through your email.



This app is a prevalent one if you often attend events or any momentous occasion. Chances are you will meet many people in these events, and they will give you’re a business card. They are your potential partners, clients, or new friends. But how long you can keep the business cards in your wallet. You might accidentally lose them for good. CamCard can enter as a convenient solution. With this app, you can take a picture of the business card. Then the app will automatically transfer all of the details to your smartphone. You don’t need to carry around the hard copies of business cards anymore since all of them are in your smartphone.



It is a collaborative messenger app in which you can communicate with your fellow team members to discuss on various projects. You can open it on both browsers and mobile devices. Your team members will know any changes you make in real time. Flowdock is very useful to keep everyone on the same track as yours.



Skype is a conventional digital communication means for generation Y. It grants you compatible communication with ample connectivity. The app mobile version is attainable in almost every smartphone model. You can have a better reach to your fellow partners.

Skype has been around for years, so there is no need to worry about its security and performance.



You may realize that you will travel a lot someday. Being an entrepreneur means to deal with a lot of activities. You will need something to simplify your complicated schedules and bookings. Consider TripIt for your travel companion. You can easily organize your travel with this app.



Some sites you join with require a combination of letters and numbers for the passwords. Often, you can easily forget your passwords because there are too many sites you are joining with. To work around this, you will need a good and secure password manager. LastPass is a password manager with the form filler. It is free to use with certain limitations. But you can upgrade to the premium version with only $12.



You might see a lot of interesting articles in the morning but have no time to read them all. With such limited time, you can easily forget these relevant articles. Consider using the Pocket app. Its core feature is called “Save it for later.” With it, you can save the articles, videos, images, or anything else so that you can read them later in the future. The significant part of this is that you can access these contents without using your internet plan. You can read your articles offline.

google drive

Google Drive

When you need to store documents, important files, videos, audios, or anything else, you can’t go wrong with Google Drive. It enables you to upload, share, edit the data with your peers. You can share the document just for viewing or editing. All the files are in the cloud. So, you won’t need to worry about your phone’s storage.



Expensify eases your receipts storage. Daily, you will want to keep the receipts to manage your expenses. Well, you don’t need to get the hardness anymore. Instead, you could keep all of the revenues in the digital record by the Expensify app. Using your phone camera, you could record the revenues of restaurants, fuel, tickets, convenience stores, and so on.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Enjoy!

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